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Rencontrer (être en présence. I have met you had met he will have met we would have met Compound Past, Present Perfect or Past Indefinite Tense conjugations of rencontrer - French for meet passé composé Heres the French for meet conjugated with all the pronouns in the present perfect. Contrast: Jai rencontré mon mari chez des amis Picture the scene: you are meeting him for the first time. Encounter with a prostitute ; meeting with

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a pro ; priced encounter. Chéri, jai retrouvé tes clefs! In both cases, this meeting was not planned.

To Sum it up, Watch out: Se Rencontrer Se Retrouver Se Rencontrer is not the same as Se Retrouver and its what you mostly have to be careful with. Subjunctive, conditional, passé simple, imperfect subjunctive je rencontre rencontrerais rencontrai rencontrasse tu rencontres rencontrerais rencontras rencontrasses il rencontre rencontrerait rencontra rencontrât nous rencontrions rencontrerions rencontrâmes rencontrassions vous rencontriez rencontreriez rencontrâtes rencontrassiez ils rencontrent rencontreraient rencontrèrent rencontrassent Imperative (tu) rencontre Verb conjugation pattern Rencontrer. Now, this is the verb you will be using most of the time. Javais rencontré - I had met tu avais rencontré - you had met- (familiar or informal) il, elle, on avait rencontré - he, she, it, one had met nous avions rencontré - we had met vous aviez rencontré - you had met (formal or plural). The organising team is made of volunteers from different nationalities and ages. In everyday French, wed say: jai rencontré le Prince Machin-Chose en 2010. Retrouver means to meet up as a result of a planned reunion.

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So, would you use retrouver (since we had an appointment) or rencontrer (since we met this person for the first time)? I met my husband (for the first time) at some friends house. In addition, we organise other regular events such as outings to: restaurants, trendy bars, french films, live music, sports related activities, outdoor events and more. Jai fait la connaissance du Prince Machin-Chose en 2010. Rencontrer (se trouver. What to bring, if members wish to drink alcohol, you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine or beer (subject to a corkage fee of 5/bottle wine (1 per bottle of beer).