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Emma has had a crush on Molly's stepbrother, Logan Long, for a long time. Licking her friend's juices from her stepbrother's cock, Molly does whatever she can to double down on the pleasure of everyone around her before taking her own. Emma is quick to take her friend's place, bending over the pool table for a pussy pounding from behind. He is eager to deliver the exquisite sensation his stepsister craves, swiftly bringing her off.

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Springing Logan's cock free once again, they resume sucking him off. Fucking For Fourth Of July S5:E12. As they all bask in the aftermath of a threesome well fucked, Molly's mom walks in and kicks them all out. Read the rest of this entry. While Molly's parents are busy making food, Emma pulls Logan's hardon out of his pants and starts sucking him.

They keep it up until Logan wakes. When Logan returns from a festival he's pretty out of it, and Emma sees her chance to act. Molly Mae and her friend, emma Hix are dressed in bikini tops and short shorts that hug their super skinny bodies for the Fourth of July. When Logan comes to, he retreats into the house and the girls are quick to follow him. At Emma's encouragement, Molly is easily coaxed to lean in and take a slurp of her stepbrother's hardon. As he is clearly into continuing this encounter, Emma slides her thong aside and climbs on top of his fuck stick. Peeling off her clothes, Molly lays herself out on the pool table and spreads her thighs so Logan can slide home. As she enjoys her throbbing climax, she drops to her knees with Molly to suck Logan off until he delivers a double facial of cum.