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Knowing it was an extremely rare find, the group loaded the dead cougar onto the vehicle and brought it into Thunder Bay. "I'm hoping to be able to do some kind of a mount here it's been dead for a bit.". I would call them temporary visitors, he said. And while cougars are a predatory species who have been known to attack humans, Kaplanis said people in the region do not need to take any more precautions

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as they would when dealing with any other wild animal. Weist said she was told the animal would be mounted and displayed for educational purposes. Browse all 119 Thunder Bay topics ». And of course, keep your distance. Gelli550, victoria, Canada, level, contributor 1,838 posts 153 reviews, save Reply. Re: Cougar Nights, jun 9, 2018, 10:55. Kaplanis said Northwestern Ontario is not typically the habitat where cougars are found, but a growing deer population could be bringing the predators to the area.

He said the back half of it had more decomposition. Despite the find, Kaplanis does not think cougars will become a mainstay in the region and even if they are here, they will still probably be quite elusive. If you encounter a cougar, stay away from it, and put as much distance as you can between yourself and the animal, Kaplanis said. It was very emaciated and looks to have had a run in with a porcupine. The ministry website notes that "cougars are most likely believed to live in northern Ontario because of the remoteness of the habitat. George R, level, contributor 25 posts. Cavicchiolo noted that he removed between 50 and 75 porcupine quills from the cougar's shoulder and nose, but he said there were none in the cat's mouth. Re: Cougar Nights, jun 9, 2018, 10:49 PM, i hear they do a 'Grab a Granny' night at the Legion on Fridays!

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The frozen mountain lion carcass was found by Mandi Weist near the Boreal Road on Saturday. It would sexe18 com roubaix be no different, the precautions you would take when dealing with wolves and bears, he said. Watch this Topic, george R, level, contributor 25 posts. If you do happen to see the elusive cat, Kaplanis advises to report any sightings to the Ministry of Natural Resources so they can track movements and sightings in the region. The Northwestern Ontario Sportsmans Alliance shared images of a mountain lion carcass on social media. On Saturday Mandi Weist, her boyfriend, and some buddies were exploring a sand pit area near the Boreal Road when they came upon a van that was pulled over. A startling discovery made this weekend north west of Thunder Bay may have answered a decades-old question about whether cougars prowl northwestern Ontario. "It was in really bad shape when I skinned. Thunder BAY - A unique find in the region has a local outdoor organization excited, as it finally answers the question surrounding an elusive, and rarely seen predator. I really dont think we are going to see a significant buildup of the cougar population in the area and having them set up camp in the region any time soon. He suspects the animal "tied into a porcupine" when it was getting desperate for food. Likely died of natural causes, cavicchiolo said sexe18 com roubaix the front half of the cougar that had been frozen in the snow seemed to be well preserved. "So if there are cougars cruising through the area along the north shore of Lake Superior, I would expect them to stop over here and visit for a little while if they are hunting and seeking prey. It seems like it died of natural causes.". I just dont think we are ever going to see a population level of cougars in the region that would be rampantly taking down pets and livestock or things like that, not by any means. This cougar was found frozen in a snowbank on Boreal Road near Thunder Bay Saturday. 3 replies to this topic. Where is that, edmonton_mamma, oshawa, Canada, level, contributor 5,625 posts 33 reviews, save Reply, jun 9, 2018, 11:43 PM, watch this Topic. However, there have been many reports from the southern part of the province.". "Dealing with a lot of hunters and fishermen, I've heard a lot of stories said Cavicchiolo. "Honestly, we had driven by this spot before and had seen something laying there. Weist said they knew they had to contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (omnrf) about their find.

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Weist said the group then parked their jeep to have a look. She said they also talked to taxidermist Dan Cavicchiolo and decided to bring the cat to Boreal Tales Taxidermy on Hwy 61, south west of Thunder Bay. They asked the people in the van if they were OK, and they answered, "yes, but we are just looking at the mountain lion.". 'A special find' "The CO told us we can't actually keep it because it is actually illegal to own a mountain lion from Ontario, because they are an endangered species she said. As you get closer to Thunder Bay, significant prey species, like white tail deer, their densities are a lot higher near Thunder Bay he added. . M m m and HearthNet are property and trademarks of m LLC. We just figured it was a deer, based on the colour she said. The animal had long claws and good teeth, but was emaciated and had muscle atrophy, he said. Save Topic, cougar Nights, jun 9, 2018, 10:31 PM, where is a place for cougar nights or cougar bars? #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, Share This Page, xenPorta 2 PRO, jason Axelrod from.