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What major contributions were made by mesopotamia? His explorations gave fur trappers knowledge of the San Joaquin and Sacremento Valleys. He was a very good player and faced many challenges. But in addition to mixing chemicals, they also believed that magic would help with their experiments and formulas. No, I do not think. Many philosophers have made contributions, such as Pythagoras, who made the Pythagorean theory, which is talking about angles such as a right

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angle and making that into an equation. First generation computers used Vacuum Tubes, these computers were very slow and could only handle one process at a time, they were also very large and expensive.

The first of the Greek drama plays were tragedies. Hannibal was elected head of Carthage after the Second Punic War. Hannbal fled carhtage because the Romans wanted the carthaginians to hand him to them. In the twelfth century, Latin translations of his work on the Indian numerals, introduced the decimal positional number system to the Western world. He goes ON and ON helping humanity. His thoughts about division of labor were fundamental to current notions of work simplification and time studies. Remember that philosophia means to Love the Knowledge, and the most genuine and natural form of love is a complete understanding of the subject of our love: The knowledge of the Reality itself in this case. Like the US Supreme Court building and the White House.

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